Reach Clients a Number of Different Ways with Cross-Media Advertising

Cross-media advertising lets you connect directly with your target

With life being so hectic and fast paced, it is rare that people get a chance to sit down in front of the radio or TV as a family anymore. With busy work schedules people are constantly out and about, or at the office leaving little time for leisure. This new lifestyle, coupled with the clutter of existing ads has made effective advertising increasingly difficult. Innovation has taken over the advertising world, and many agencies are looking to the art of cross-media advertising.

Cross-media advertising utilizes a number of different media channels to get an advertising message across to existing or potential clients. Keeping the theme and message consistent through the different media is a challenge, but when done properly, is very effective.

Reach customers at any point in the day with cross-media advertising

Cross-media advertising lets you reach potential clients at any given point in their day. Whether they are checking email on their Blackberry, or SMSing their best friend using their iPhone, you can be sure they see your advertising message. Cross-media utilizes email marketing and SMS marketing messages as media forms that reach your clients directly. If your target is reading the newspaper or a magazine while commuting to work, or even watching TV or receiving their mail at home, your message will be seen if you are using a cross-media strategy.

Cross-Media advertising gets a consistent message across to consumers using different media. Positive results occur when the target receives each message. At every delivery point it is reinforced and can create brand loyalty, influence their purchase decision, and even encourage word-of-mouth promotion of your brand.

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