What Is Cross-Media?

Engage directly with your target using creative, cross-media marketing techniques

Businesses small and large are always looking for cutting edge and creative marketing techniques to get noticed in today’s cluttered business world. As more and more advertisements bombard the public on a daily basis, having a way to literally call out each individual by name is the best way to get attention. Cross-media marketing does just that. Cross-media is a creative marketing technique that reaches a specific target market using a number of different media channels.

This form of creative marketing lets businesses send personalized messages to members of their target market creating a unique and highly relevant customer experience. Having constant connection with your target market though different media outlets can help you increase response rates, and build a strong relationship with potential and existing customers.

Start the cycle of cross-media marketing today

The process of cross-media can be simplified into a cycle of on-going steps. Most creative cross-media targeted marketing campaigns begin by using the information you already have about your client and sending them a printed piece, an email, or an SMS providing them with a personalized URL. The recipient visits the personalized website where more target data is collected. Following this, the data is sent immediately to your sales team while a ‘thank you’ email or print collateral is sent to the recipient. With the new data you are able to open communication with prospective clients and continue the cross-media cycle. A successful cross-media marketing campaign will ultimately allow you to have two-way interaction with your clients, influence their future buying behaviour, and encourage word-of-mouth promotion of your brand.

The most important aspects of a successful cross-media marketing campaign are that it is highly creative and that the message is consistent along every channel. Having each element of the campaign working synergistically ensures you have your targets attention, and you get the results you want.

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