How Cross-Media marketing works

Cross-media marketing allows you to reach your exact target market on an individual level through the use of multiple media outlets. Targeted marketing allows you to send personalized messages based on your target’s specific demographic information, creating a unique customer experience. At Eden Cross-Media, we create dynamic targeted marketing campaigns that are not only highly relevant, but reach your target in ways that capture their attention. We can help you increase response rates while building a strong relationship with your exact target market.

Start the cycle of cross-media marketing today

Most advertising agencies are just beginning to realize the necessity of offering cross-media services, where as Eden Cross-Media has been doing it for years. We have found a way to simplify the process into a cycle of on-going steps. Our cross-media targeted marketing campaigns begin by using the information you already have about your client and sending them a captivating and incentive-driven printed piece, email, or an SMS that will drive them to a personalized URL. The recipient visits the personalized website where the incentive is reinforced and more target data is collected. Following this, the data is sent immediately to your sales team while a 'thank you' email or print collateral is sent to the recipient. With the new data you are able to open communication with prospective clients and close more sales faster and then continue the cross-media cycle with the new data gathered.

Cross-Media Lifecycle

Cross-media and targeted marketing will let you stand out in a world that is cluttered with advertising. Eden Cross-Media will help you engage directly with your target market to capture their attention and build lasting relationships. Contact us online or call us directly at 1.800.844.0106 to start a conversation with your target today.