About Eden Corss-Media

About Eden Cross-Media

Eden Cross-Media is dedicated to achieving the best results for your company. We combine multimedia marketing plans with award winning creativity to provide an effective and highly personalized message for your specific target. Our experience in the cross-media marketing arena has made us experts at implementing synergistic, consistent and powerful advertising solutions to suit your business’s strategic, communication, and marketing needs across all media channels.

As an established and successful advertising agency, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding work for our clients. Our award winning direct mail and cross-media marketing campaigns, coupled with client satisfaction prove that we are your best option for cross-media marketing solutions.

Experience the power of a cross-media marketing campaign

When choosing an advertising agency in Canada it is important to select one that will give you their full attention and create an advertising campaign that is unique and highly effective. Eden designs cross-media marketing campaigns that are unique to your business and target market. Our cross-media marketing solutions are a combination of traditional and new media styles. They will successfully create lasting impressions on your clients, and improve results for your business.

Eden Cross-Media is an award winning advertising agency in Canada that specializes in cross-media marketing solutions. To start engaging with your target market in ways that are innovative and effective, contact us or call us at 1.800.844 .0106.