One-to-one marketing advertising agencies Toronto

Speak to your target market directly with one-to-one marketing

When you buy advertising space on TV, in a newspaper, or on the radio you never know who will be watching, reading, or listening to it. Most of the time however, it probably won’t be your specific target market. Sure a fancy television ad might be suitable for some companies, but most of the time it is a waste of resources. Stop advertising to the masses and start speaking to those that actually matter to your business using the one-to-one marketing method. One-to-one marketing is the best way to get the attention of your specific target market. Using their individual demographic information you can send a personalized message to a potential client, which can begin a marketing process that guarantees to turn leads into sales.

Extend your advertising budget with one-to-one marketing

It doesn’t make sense to advertise to millions of people in the hope of getting lucky, and then only attracting a small percentage of them to your brand. Instead of talking to people that have no interest in what you are selling; use one-to-one marketing and grab the attention of the people interested in your product or service.

Just as they can make beautiful print ads, advertising agencies can come up with a creative way to attract a specific person. Customized one-to-one direct mail pieces, SMS messages, or emails can be very effective at grabbing a client’s attention. Using multiple media channels to interact with the target, is a great way to build a relationship and have an influence on their buying behaviour.

Speaking directly to someone has always been the best way to get your message across, and that is why one-to-one marketing works so well. Eden Cross-Media is one of the most experienced advertising agencies in Toronto in the one-to-one marketing field. Make sure your target gets your message, contact us online or by phone at 1.800.844.0106.